Friday 17th July – Brandesburton ‘Team Teachers’ – the answers revealed.

So how well do you think you know the teachers? Have you written or discussed your answers with a grown up? Take a look at the answers below.
Today’s activity is posted below this post so keep scrolling down and remember to check your class blog as your teacher may have put a final post on there today.

Round 1

Round 2

We hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about us. Weren’t we cute when we were younger, not sure what happened to us 😂.

Friday 17th July – End of year school disco.

So hopefully you’ve all put your party clothes on this morning ready for party day. Today is all about having fun and making the most of the last day in the best possible way whether you are at home or at school. Seeing as we haven’t been able to have our usual end of school disco, today is disco time. There are some disco songs and videos you might like to watch and join in with below. First of all here’s a fun story to start the day.

Have fun and party!

Well that’s it guys, the end of a VERY different summer term and school year. You have all been just amazing through this tricky and unusual time and should be very proud of everything you have achieved at home or in school.

We will finish by wishing you all a lovely summer, have fun and be safe! We look forward to seeing you all in September. TEAM Brandesburton x

Thursday 16th July – After lockdown where will I go? …

Today’s task is to think about and plan your dream day out or holiday for after lockdown. If you could choose and visit anywhere, where would you go?

Decide how you want to present this. You could create a poster, a video, a booklet or a collage with pictures and details. Remember to include things like where will you go, how would you get there, who will you go with and what will you do when you get there.

We can’t wait to read and see you post lockdown destinations. Have fun planning.

Wednesday 15th July – All about us – Brandesburton ‘Team Teachers.’

Today we are going to have a bit of fun and this is a great opportunity for you to find out more about the teachers. There are two fun rounds.

Round 1 – Every teacher has given 3 facts about themselves. However, 2 of the facts are true but 1 of them is a lie. Can you work out which you think is the lie for each teacher?
Round 2 – Look carefully at the baby pictures below. Can you work out who is who from their baby picture?
Write down your answers and everything will be revealed on Friday’s home learning blog.

There is another activity for you to do today below this post – a computing transition activity so keep scrolling down.

Round 1

Mrs Altoft

  1. I climbed Ayers Rock in Australia.
  2. I was a qualified lifeguard.
  3. I once had my photo taken with David Beckham.

Miss McIntyre

  1. When I was younger I was in nursery with Andy Murray whilst our mums played tennis together.
  2. I can ski and snowboard.
  3. I can still do the splits (when not pregnant).

Mr Mallison

  1. When I was at university I was a member of the Team GB Rowing Development Squad.
  2. My favourite food is haggis.
  3. I have driven a diesel train.

Mrs Gardner

  1. I have jumped out of a plane and skydived.
  2. I have had my tongue pierced.
  3. I have had pink hair.

Mr Barnes

  1. I played for North of England U18 Football team.
  2. I like cheese.
  3. A childhood friend has played cricket for England and won the Ashes.

Mrs Platten

  1. I used to be part of racing yacht crew and once won a lady helmsman’s race.
  2. I have a twin sister.
  3. I have recorded a music CD.

Mrs Atkinson

  1. I have been whale watching in Australia and stroked a whale.
  2. I used to play netball for Brandesburton Ladies Netball Team.
  3. I go snowboarding every year.

Round 2

Mrs Platten, Mrs Altoft, Mrs Atkinson, Mrs Gardner, Miss McIntyre and Mr Barnes. No baby picture for Mr Mallison. Can you guess who is who?

Have fun guessing and getting to know more about us.

If you fancy having a go and writing 2 facts and 1 lie about yourself for someone else to guess, I have attached a sheet below or just use paper.

Wednesday 15th July – Computing Transition Activity

Thinking about transition and moving on, today we would like you to prepare a presentation for the children who will be starting in your class in September. You can use any ICT skills you would like.

Younger children may want to use Purple Mash and create a picture of their classroom with labels. Older children could create a PowerPoint with images and text explaining what to expect and perhaps give handy tips for survival!

Other ideas could be make a video, leaflet, poster…. the possibilities are endless.

Your presentations will be posted on your class blogs and could provide very useful information over the holidays when children are wondering what to expect.

Tuesday 14th July – Lockdown – The Game

Today’s challenge is to design and make your own lockdown board game. You will need to think about and design your game first. This activity may take a couple of days.
Create a plan and design of what your game will look like, how many players, how to play, what you will use to make your game etc. Then you can start to create and make your game. You will need to decide on and write instructions for your board game so that if someone else was to play it they would know how to play. FS your grown up may need to help you write some simple instructions or video you saying how to play your game.

Have fun and enjoy playing your game with your family once it’s finished.

Our Final FUN Week

Wow Brandesburton we have made it to the final week of the school year! It certainly isn’t the way we thought it would end when we started back in September!

We thought as it is the last week we would have a little bit of fun….!

So each day we will post a fun challenge for you to complete…. enjoy! See below for today’s activity.

Monday 13th July – Lockdown Memories

‘The year we made history.’

In years to come children in schools around the world will study the year of coronavirus. We have all been a part of this and the lockdown history.

Have a think about your lockdown memories. What has been your favourite bits? What have you found hard? What things have you enjoyed doing as a family at home? Have you learnt a new skill? Who have you missed the most? What have you missed doing? What are you most looking forward to doing when it is all over?

Today’s task is to create your own lockdown memory project. You can choose how you present your memories. You could create a poster, a scrap book, a video or drawings. I have attached some more fun lockdown activities below if you wish to have a go.

Perhaps you could have a go at making a word cloud of lockdown memories. is a good site to use. Remember you can change the size of a word to make it appear bigger than the other words and you can also change the shape of your cloud.

We can’t wait to see your memories, however you choose to present them – have fun!

Friday 10th July – Spelling



This week we are still practising our listening skills and also starting to have a go at oral blending. To practise oral blending, you could say some sounds, such as /c/-/u/-/p/ and see whether your child can pick out a cup from a group of objects. For segmenting practise, you could hold up an object such as a sock and ask the children which sounds they can hear in the word sock.

Try these activities:




French – Friday 10th July

Bonjour! Look at the French vocabulary for seven popular sports and activities. Which ones can you work out quite easily as they are similar or the same as the English words?

danse, football, basket, tennis, skate, natation and vélo.

Here’s a clue to the last two:

Here’s a short video clip to help you with the pronunciation of the French words. I hope it helps but I’m by no means an expert!

If you want to say ‘I play‘ a sport or ‘I do‘ a sport, you say je joue or je fais. Have a look at the list and the picture below. Can you match the sentence to the picture? You can do this in lots of ways. For example you could print the captions and the picture and cut them out and stick them together, you could draw your own pictures and write either the sentence or just the sport underneath, you could write the sentence and put the number of the sport next to it.

Next you can have some fun trying a game of charades! Mime one of the sports for your classmates, friends or family and they have to guess what you are doing and say the correct sentence. If they are correct they can mime the next charade.

Here’s a word search to start for anyone who would like to try it. KS2 can you use a French/English dictionary or google translate to find out the meaning of équitation?

Now you have learned a little more vocabulary you can play this French sports board game. Don’t forget you could also practise French numbers by by counting in French as you move your counter.